Battle of Ontario – Final Chapter Sunday

The Outlaws will host the RUSH on Sunday July 16 at 2pm at Millennium Park stadium for the third and final time this season. One team is “hot”…the other, while not “hot” is not “stone cold” either. Despite a 7 game slide, the Outlaws have never quit and refuse to make things easy for their opponents. Ask the NY Empire who, at the season outlook, were picked to win the East, barely squeaked out 1 point wins on back to back weekends against Ottawa.

On Sunday, the Outlaws will have their full roster including the return of Swiss star Luca Miglioretto. With a win, the Outlaws will put a serious monkey wrench in the RUSH playoff placement and will ensure that they will finish no higher than 2nd in the East. The RUSH need to win their remaining 2 games versus Ottawa and NY to secure 1st in the EAST and earn a bye to the Division finals.

The Outlaws have never beaten Toronto but have consistently played the RUSH hard but have never been unable to close them out. Could Sunday be the day when the streak ends and the Outlaws not only secure their first win against Toronto but at the same time will have earned the title of “big time spoiler”? This game will undoubtedly be filled with emotion and intensity with two teams who know each other very well and want to win…one of them wants to remain “hot” and the other wants to spoil the party in the AUDL East.

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